About Max A. Hauser

Retired – Senior Professor for Culinary Arts and Technology &
Freelance Consultant in French, English and German

  • Menu Planning (Drafting, Presentation)
  • Menu Corrections and Translations
  • All subjects and matters concerning Culinary Arts and Technology

Emeritus Professor of Culinary Arts and Technology at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne / Hospitality Management School of Lausanne (Since January 1996 – retired since end of July 2012)
Born in January 27th 1947, Swiss (Swiss German + Swiss French), Married – 2 Sons



Over 50 years years, including 35 years of teaching and on the job training, in deluxe hotels around the world (including many new hotel openings with Hilton International and Sheraton Hotel Corporation).

Worked in countries and cities such as: Switzerland, Canada / Japan / Singapore / Malaysia / Hongkong / India / Sydney /Macao /Taiwan / Indonesia / Korea / Thailand / Philippines / Cape Town.


Past positions

  • Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Bachelor and Diploma Programme, French and English section – Professor Culinary Arts & Technology at Hospitality Management School of Lausanne
  • Hotel & Touristikfachschule in Chur – F & B Manager and Senior Kitchen and Culinary Lecturer.
  • Institut Hotelier “César Ritz” in Le Bouveret – Executive Chef & Senior Kitchen and Culinary Lecturer
  • Different places such as Winter resort station Thyon 2000 – VS, Hôtel de la Paix / Lausanne – including new opening of the 5 Star Hotel Walliserhof in Saas Fee.

Member of diverse culinary and gastronomic circles

  • Châine des Rôtisseurs (Vice-Conseiller Culinaire – Baillage de Vaud – Officier Commandeur & Officier Chef Rôtisseur)
  • Confrérie du Guillon (Jury member with special distinction)
  • Lucullus Valensis (Top gastronomical society of the Canton Valais)
  • Toques Blanches International (International Chefs Asciotation)
  • Association Suisse des Maître de Cuisine
  • Les disciples d’Auguste Escoffier
  • Académie Suisse des Gastronomes


  • Family / Cooking (create and invent new dishes and writing a new cooking book)
  • Swiss folklore (active participating in a Yodelling Club (Aigle & Montreux) and in a Swiss Folklore Dance Group (St.Gingolph))