Meet Max A. Hauser

Max A. Hauser a Swiss National, a family man, but as well a person who likes to share his vast knowledge in the Hotel industry. Now he is retired after 17 years of loyal service as Senior Professor for Culinary Arts and Technology at the world famous ECOLE HOTELIERE OF LAUSANE in Switzerland.

Max A. Hauser has extensive experience acquired all around the globe in the Hospitality Industry with International Hotel Companies and Hotel Management Schools for over 52 years, as well as in technical research, consulting and teaching. He is in great demand as a visiting expert and has taught in seminars for universities International Hotel groups and Hotel & Management Schools as well for many professional associations.

Another specialty of him, since over 30 Years, is the menu correction and translation, in French, English and German for many famous hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and around the world.

He has also participated in the writing of several cook books and professional articles, and is at present travelling around the globe to offer his services to Hotel companies, Airlines & Catering companies as well for Hotel and Management and Culinary Schools concerning his 2 new books (Manuals) in English “All about Menu Planning” and in French “Menus et Cartes de Mets bien écrits” together with the 2 corresponding courses included updated Power Point presentations.

A new Cooking Manual Important Methods and Techniques for Western style cooking” (A solid base for professional chefs) is now available and is due being edited.

Now retired, he will still enjoy sharing his vast knowledge in his free time, to show what he has done as a top professional before.

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